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Papa jones here with great news on taking control! What if I told you changing your habits can help you accomplish your goals.

 A book by S.J Scott called habit stacking 127 small changes to improve your health, wealth, and happiness.   

I haven’t read the whole book because I sample through kindle before buying. And this was a great skim through. I will be purchasing this right after the graduation season to get it all in.

However so far the author talks about making little adjustments to our daily routine to create a better life. All of which take less than five minutes to complete. Scott speaks of improving our situations by making better choices and creating better habits.

Training our minds to take these steps will improve our relationships, finances, and health! By choosing to start my day by making a healthy breakfast I begin to work on my health. If I wanted a better relationship I would take the time daily to reach out to those in my life, and let them know what they mean to me. Whether it be through a letter, phone call, or simple text message.

To give you the little I got so far these 3 habits will begin to improve those areas in our life we are seeking to change.

Getting organized

This was always my area of weakness since I can remember. If I asked you what organized mean what would be your answer? I would call organized as neat, prompt, and coordinated. I always wanted to be organized except I only had the neat and coordinated part down! Being prompt was always my issue. How do I become organized better?  With creating better habits.


Do you stay focused throughout your day on what needs to be done? Do you lose interest in projects that take a while to complete? I realize my main problem with getting my goals accomplished is my lack of focus! The book gives insight on ways to remain focus by creating blocks where task must be complete at certain times of the day and celebrate the small wins as they come. Any goal will get accomplished if we tackle the small goals.

Don’t wait

Procrastination is the biggest hindrance to anyone wanting to be successful. I may be the only one but I must say that I will wait to the very last minute to get ready, complete an assignment, or make it to the train station! Don’t wait to do anything if you want something make TODAY the day you get it done! Make right now the time to tell a loved one you love them! Make this moment the moment you decide to stop waiting!

In closing

My habits are BAD enough to the point where I make more mistakes and errors that I become ashamed at times! What do we want out of life? How will we get it? Well so far  This book gives great insight on how to get on that road to attaining the goals you so desperately seek! Positive actions create positive results so let’s get moving!

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10 thoughts on “My habits will determine my outcome!”

  1. I’ve seen this book on Habit Stacking a number of times while I’ve been searching on Amazon and thought it sounded quite interesting.

    I think it’s very true that changing our habits can certainly change our lives. Some habits are good habits and some are detrimental to our success and happiness.

    It sounds like this book would teach people how to develop more of those positive habits one step at a time.

    1. Yes indeed habits are what makes us or breaks us! I found it to be an interesting read and I hope it finds someone in a time of change.

      Thanks for taking the time,

      Papa Jones

  2. Habits are the key to making big changes, if you ask me. And one bad habit can tank the whole enterprise; all you have to do is look at high functioning addicts to see how this plays out in the extreme. Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll check it out for sure!

    1. you’re welcome Penelope! I hope it brings you just as much as it did me. Life should be about lessons and I believe this holds valuable knowledge to any and every entrepreneur!

      Thanks for taking the time,

      Papa jones

  3. Hi! Thanks for this great article reviewing S.J. Scotts’ novel on Habit Stacking.

    Everything that you mentioned, I totally agree with. My number one problem is focusing on a particular task. I always get distracted by something or other going on around me. I never thought of doing particular tasks at a certain time of day. That intrigues me. I’m definitely going to have to check out this book.

    I believe a lot of bad habits are developed when we’re young and can be hard to break. Do you think that long established bad habits can be broken?

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I fall victim to that same problem I can’t stay focused for too long on one task as I like to get to the outcome. To answer your question I believe any habit can be broken as long as there is a will to do so! 

      Often times it takes a tragic event to turn from bad habits or maybe you just have had enough and seek change. However the constant is the desire to want change. Without it we will see nothing wrong and continue in our bad habits. Anything is possible!

      Thank you for taking the time,

      PaPa Jones

  4. The Habit Stacking book certainly sounds like a book I could do with reading because I have picked up many bad habits which I know are having a negative impact on my life.

    So, learning to adopt new habits are exactly what I need to improve various areas of my life, especially the health aspect.

    I definitely agree that procrastination is toxic for anyone because when we keep putting things off and focusing on the “unimportant” stuff, we will never reach our goals in life.

    Thanks for the book recommendation.

    Neil 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by Neil and taking time out to leave a comment!

      I’m glad you found the recommend of some use.

      Don’t forget to share with family and friends!

      PaPa Jones

  5. Good habits are important if we want to be successful in any aspect of life.

    This book sounds an interesting read. I want to improve my focus and my organization skills.

    Both of them could increase my productivity. My biggest problem is that I struggle on long-term projects.

    I cannot be as productive as I am the first days.

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment  

      It seems like you may be a little too gung ho to begin! You should write a plan and stick to it spacing out task so you’re. It doing so much in the beginning but enough to keep going!

      I notice I accomplish more when I write out my plans and set due dates!

      We all must find a way!

      Take control my friend,

      PaPa jones 

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