Hello wealth seeker,

I have one question to begin with.

Q: What do we all have that only a few of us take advantage of?

A:The same 24 hrs to use in a day.

If we put a value on our time and invest in our time we can find a life built to sustain a comfortable living. I will follow this method to begin building wealth.



  • Believe in myself
  • pay it forward (will explain later)
  • invest in ourselves by learning something new, applying , and growing.
  • reach behind and help others

As I take control of my wealth I invite you guys to follow me, share, and take part. This will be the breeding ground for conversation to help as many Wanting the same financial freedom. My goal is to learn about self marketing and promotions so that I can SHARE knowledge with the next generation of stylist to become creditable. I will pay it forward after believing in myself that I can achieve my home ownership dream. Paying it forward is based on the premise that before I invest in me I will invest in someone else first. There will be a page dedicated to display this step of wealth control to further answer any questions you may have. I will invest in myself with Building an online presence with a website, and email marketing campaign. When I reach the point of seeing growth from my investment I will help the next in need of reaching his/her goals.

Allow me to share with you my story. I go by PaPa Jones and Coming from a big family I learned at an early age 3 things; be sharing, vigilante, and patient with others. Sometimes I’d get in trouble for not playing well with others so my mom was very vocal about being a giver. See someone in need be kind to help out be open to everyone. So becoming an instructor was an easy decision to make when choosing a career. 5 yrs of guiding  individuals in the steps to becoming a licensed professional was rewarding, however it didn’t result in a long term career. The feeling of helping others achieve goals became sorely missed. After vowing to never work for someone ever again I put my trade skills to use and became a stylist full time. As I find myself having a lot of downtime I began to seek a passive income to get money to purchase a home, after countless attempts at failed ventures I found wealthy affiliate to assist in my work from home dreams. If I am to look for a piece of property I’ll need cash flow, decent credit, and a  deadline. Here I will dedicate my journey on achieving my goals to financial freedom. Now wealth can take on many different meanings! Some may want a wealth of knowledge, while others seek spiritual wealth, and some would like more than one form of wealth. If we use the B.p.i.r (b-per) method on all avenues of wealth what would happen? To be a helping hand to others that want to take control of your wealth is my pledge. There are many ways to build wealth and we will discuss a few and take recommendations on the others. This page is designed for that individual looking to change life’s outlook.

If you’re Looking to educate or become educated about wealth control this place is for you. I pray this website helps individuals that are looking to become financial literate and find their level of wealth. I can’t wait to get started and share my progress. Welcome to taking control of your wealth!

Thanks for stopping by,

PaPa Jones

Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts or ask any question I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Take control of your wealth

  1. Norman Richards Reply

    Hello and thanks for sharing your awesome awesome story. I agree with what yo said in your post, Your post is really good and has great information. All the best to you.

    • Papa jones Post authorReply

      Thank you Norman! I hope that was an ALL honest review. I’m a big boy, and I can take a beating! 🙂
      I hope to inspire more as time goes on. I want to spread knowledge of how important choices are. We all have them and we all control them. However, the consequence is out of our hands!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      PaPa Jones

  2. Lucas1337 Reply

    Hey man, inspiring post !

    I do look forward to your future journeys and guidance. Do share your knowledge with us young ones xD. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    • Papa jones Post authorReply


      Thank you for your encouraging words! I’m sure we have enough to share with one another. Share your knowledge with us old ones(But I’m not old).

      Best wishes,
      Shannon kamal

  3. Jeffrey Young Reply

    Hi Shannon,
    Your site looks great I like the theme. I think you could add some more graphics to break up the text. The content is helpful and motivating. You might want to take out the default text from wordpress You seem to have some technical skills in setting up your site that I wish I had. Thanks for sharing you have given me some great ideas.

    To Your Success,

    • Papa jones Post authorReply

      Jeffrey thank you!
      I’m still learning a lot I am nowhere near my potential. Appreciate you taking your time out to stop by!

      PaPa Jones

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