The “Mantra”

Hello wealth seekers,

Can you imagine getting behind the wheel of a car at the age of 16 and just knowing exactly what to do!

I’m sure we all know someone that know someone who has a rookie horror story.

Getting behind that wheel can be scary and maybe even confusing to some. From worrying about accidents to driving with two feet.

Learning to drive can be a task! I remember looking back to reverse and had the car in drive and drove straight into the bushes to my backyard.

If I let that one mistake stop me from trying to drive my license would have just been a figment of my imagination.

that mistake was a learning experience. Now I will be sure before moving make sure I am in the right gear. That didn’t make me an expert , but I learned a lesson for next times sake.

The mistakes didn’t stop there I can tell stories until the 4th of July with the mistakes I’ve made in pursuit of becoming a licensed driver. Afterwhile I began to notice my speed kept up with the flow of traffic, my turning got better, I can 3 point turn, and lastly I can perform the dreaded parallel park!

I became better with time from practicing every chance I got! I would ask anyone to let me drive their cars even if it was just to a corner store. You need me to bring the car around? I’ll be right there! I practiced so much it was just another drive by the time I took my road test.

Mistakes are how we find out what not to do or what to do better next time. It’s how you approach the mistake will determine if you can bounce back or break down? Breaking down happens because you begin doubting you can do it.

Truth is you can’t do it…RIGHT NOW, but the goal is to practice so you can do it!  The old saying is so cliche but true, “practice makes perfect.”

Forget about hopping that curb and blowing out that tire tomorrow plan to turn wider and slower to make cleaner turns.

Remember with whatever you begin doing AT FIRST you aren’t  good at it.

Remember this mantra when facing doubts and will your way to control!

“With practice you became better until your better became good which turned into great!”

Take control my friends,

PaPa Jones

2 thoughts on “Today’s mistakes become yesterday’s lesson”

  1. Hey PaPa Jones, not only I’d say practice makes perfect, but I’d also add that ‘if you take a fall, you need to get back on that saddle straightaway’. And in the process of seeking wealth and a more balanced distribution of career versus quality of life, we are all bound to stamble from time to time. So long as we don’t let that put us off, because only true perseverance will be rewarded.
    Thank you ever so much for reminding me of my first driving days!

    1. You got it! Keyword there was perseverance. Anything worth having should take time and is it comes easy it will NOT last. Thank you for sharing.

      Ok my first driving experience ended with me looking to reverse with the car in drive! I’ll let you wonder how it played out!

      Top that!

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