My name is papa jones and I’ll be your moderator here at take control of your wealth! I want to share with you my journey in online marketing to gain financial freedom by building wealth with my everyday activity.

As a trade school educator I loved being able to coach people into something from nothing as long as they were willing and open for the education. When this happens it allows the teacher to be educated as well. It’s ok to ask how! I’ll answer with this, a willing mind seeking education will have questions and views forcing me to stay current with my education!

When life happens you find you don’t see things the same as before, and you want to have more connected relationships with family and friends.

To have that sort of freedom I would have to either one,  get a high paying job, or two quit my job! Well to just quit a job would be irresponsible with no plan any high paying job worth keeping will take time to achieve unless of course I have a wicked jumper or a smooth stride with soft hands!

So why not try to achieve this on my own? I mean if I can give a company 8 hrs a day (not including travel)of my time what would be so hard in doing it to build my own? That got my gears going so I set out to find a way to get just that done!

I began to discover market affiliation through Instagram where a product line I was following had a program where I promote their product they give me a code to give out and gain commissions off of turnover from my code. In searching for more information I stumbled upon wealthy affiliate.

Now I am in the process of learning how to build, maintain, and profit from my OWN site, I finally found the source of passive income after countless disappointments. I hope to share my journey, and possibly help others along the way to take control of their wealth!

That’s how I got here!

where I want to be is In a home and open my own brick and mortar by using the income I produce online by the fall of 2018. I want to help you guys live out your dreams as well. I hope to be a light in a dark space in someone’s situation.

There is no time like now to better your situation. If you want that promotion set out to attain it! You see yourself as a loving parent and want more for your child you take action to make it happen! Need a new way to earn income, need to drop a few pounds? Take control of your situation to possess wealth! Your wealth is what you desire it wherever you place it shall it be! NO judgements here!

Thanks for stopping by,

papa jones


Any questions or thoughts feel free to email papajones@takecontrolofyouwealth.com

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