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Life goes as life goes, and no one can change the events that will occur as time goes on. We will ALL deal with loss, pain, sickness, happiness, sadness, hunger, etc…… That’s life! However, we can control what we get out of this life. The choices we make today will determine the life we will live tomorrow, so what are we choosing to do on a daily basis? Are you in control, or are you leaving it up to chance?

Traffic jams are a waste of time…

When that alarm clock starts blaring at 6 am you realize its time to awake and get the day going what is your thought process? My thinking is I just need one more hour of shuteye to make this a productive day. Well the time doesn’t stop so in order to make that 8am start in the office I better get moving. Before heading out the door I always check the travel times, and it never fails that the route to work is thick with traffic.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of people in my days of punching the clock and NO ONE has ever enjoyed sitting in traffic. It adds time to your work day, its not enjoyable when you have to face an 8-hour shift, or you need to get home to start dinner. The only thing that makes it a hassle is the 3hr travel route making my work day an 11 hr work day. Imagine if we could eliminate traffic altogether we would be able to have more time to dedicate to family, friends, or becoming a better us.

Who makes your schedule?

For all my single parents out there who would love the flexibility of a work schedule? Imagine a work week that fits around your children needs. Right about now you are working 5-7 days a week to keep the lights on and food on the table. Time off must be granted with enough time to find coverage, or you’ll need approval just to take a weekend off to take the kids up to the beach & enjoy the weather.

Most likely a schedule isn’t made with your life in mind its purpose is to make sure there is someone around to keep the business growing. Some are fortunate enough to have a career that is flexible in scheduling to accommodate time with family but most of us need something with more freedom with scheduling.

We all have to, but how many are happy to

Havard business published an article back in 2015 titled the research we’ve ignored, here they state those findings to be a little misleading. As I paraphrase “happiness can be defined differently by so many. Just because some are happier people doesn’t mean they are more productive at work” They’ve bought up some great arguments I just felt they didn’t fit the scenario of being happy about you job.

Back in 2017 published an article titled Promoting employee happiness benefits everyone and in this article it is reported that studies show happier employees about the work environment are more productive.

Which made more sense to me let’s talk about those that are in love and happy with the actual work! Using the very thing you love to do is now taking care of all your needs. We can only draw the conclusion that only one of two things can happen here. 1. you’ll never work again or 2. you’ll probably get sick of your passion

But I doubt your passion would fizzle out, it would just change in to something more great!

Take a look at the articles and if I’m wrong leave me a message down below so we can talk about it.

OK, so you’ve just fought through-traffic to punch that clock for at least the next 7-11 hrs working a job because we all have to pay our bills. Of course, you don’t have to, but if you want anything out of life certain expenses you will have to incur. Even though you’d rather be at home on the grill playing pit master (or at least pretending) you’re stuck with the have to because you still have to pay your bills.

Happy to do a job can be the difference in production and how well the product turns out. Have you ever been to a restaurant where you can tell there was NO LOVE put into the food? The flavors blend and the dishes don’t tie well together at all. Compared to the place who puts EXTRA LOVE in the food where you just can’t get enough, and will wait around the block to get a bite.

Doing what you love to do will never lead to what do I do next? The love will carry you outside of your comfort zone just so you can achieve it!

To achieve a different outcome there should be some change taking place somewhere-

~Author unknown

6 thoughts on “Are you in control?”

  1. This is a very interesting read. I used to sit in traffic for hours every day and did if for years until I could no longer face it and gave up a job I loved to find one closer to home. Sadly my new job made me even more miserable than the commute to my old job.

    I think the only way to take control is to be your own boss and make your own rules. This is what i have done and I’ve never been happier.

    1. I hear ya David. It’s hard to go to work at a place you just aren’t happy at, and it can be a drag to have to travel so far to get to what you love. 

      Glad you’re in control

  2. If you are lucky to only have 1 job and have a 40 hour work week you will spend most of your life either working or sleeping. Add in commute time and Doctors appointments, taking kids to school or the sitter, and making meals and you have little to no time to enjoy the life you are paying for. Your blog though is proof it doesn’t have to be that way. While experience and passion make for a better JOB they can make for an even more lucrative Home Based Business. for example on just one of my affiliate programs last month I spent 5-6 hours promoting and doing support task as well as writing a couple of good forum post. Just the one product will pay me $168 for last month. How many products can you promote in a month off of 40 hours a week spent at home? Around 36 to 40 a month. Want more? Scale up and start taking on additional writers and remember the content you write today can bring traffic for years to come.

    Good luck and bless your business.

    1. That was beautifully put!

      It doesn’t have to be that way and your proof of that being true thank you for sharing your success story!

      Papa J

  3. I enjoyed this blog post because the wisdom found within it has confirmed my current plan of action. Please permit me to share the course of action I have taken. 

    I am currently 61 years old. I am looking forward to full social security retirement at age 67. Of course, the average U.S. citizen struggles to live on social security. My job of 20 years will not provide me with any retirement income. 

    So, here is the action plan I have chosen: Spend a couple of hours each day building an online affiliate marketing business that will supplement my social security income.  

    My goal is to “do the work”, sacrifice the time, turn off all electronic distractions, get the education needed, build the websites, promote the websites, build the relationships, build the email list asset, sell the affiliate product, produce the income structure that is required. 

    My word to the wise: “Do not wait, the time will never be perfect.” Start your journey to happiness today. Find your passion, make a plan to enjoy that passion, and Take Action. Nothing is ever accomplished without action, sacrifice and struggle. But, once you get things set up, life will be much more enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

    “Just Do It” 


    1. Those are great goals, you realized what you were up against and chose to take control. Keeping the distractions at bay is a vital part of the process. Time well spent building your business can be tremendous even at 2 hrs a day. 

      Great Job taking control Tom!

      Papa J

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