What if i told you that your 9-5 job was going to be letting you go as of next week leaving you jobless to figure out what your next move will be. Or you will fall ill and won’t be able to work any longer as a result of your illness. Maybe you land the big promotion that will give you a whole lot more income, but leave you a lot less time for what’s important like family, health, and friends. 

How much control do you have in a situation like this? Can you just find a job tomorrow to replace that income or is it a process of finding the job, preparing for the job, and then landing the job? Even then you’re still left with a decision to be made by someone other than yourself. Are you in Control?

Truth is healthy people get sick. Some are born with disabilities while others become disabled for various reasons. One thing is certain is that going on disability can really place you in a box to a fixed living barely able to make ends meet.

Who wouldn’t want a promotion where they raise your pay, give you the nice corner office, and an assistant to make work easier. The only drawback is the work has now doubled and you won’t be home a lot to enjoy the family functions, or meetups with friends, and the gym has become non-existent because you’re just too tired by days end. Sure the pay is awesome, but are you in control?

What’s the solution? Online entrepreneurship. This is where you grab a domain and build a business to your liking. There are many avenues to earn online so there is no need to be afraid, or believe you can’t be successful

Take control of your wealth is here to discuss ways to earn an income from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a passion/interest you can make an income. Don’t have either? Learn how to find a niche to promote and begin earning. 

Thank you for visiting Takecontrolofyourwealth.com A place where creating a plan of action is encouraged to achieve the possible. 24 hours hold the same value to each and every individual. The ones who let time pass will usually find themselves without and missing out on success. While the person who takes action with time will succeed and achieve more.

Value your time and invest into a life that you envision living. If we put interest into positive thinking, and living based on helping our fellow man the more positive will find us! I feel like wealth goes way beyond monetary value. A person with a lot of money is rich and has many material possessions, but a wealthy person has purpose and will forge many relationships.

 Today I decide to take control of my wealth using the C.U.R.B method.


  • Create a plan of action
  • Utilize time wisely
  • Research and learn something new weekly
  • Believe in YOURSELF

As I take control of my wealth I invite you guys to follow me, share, and take part. My goal is to learn about growing finances, self marketing and promotions so that I can SHARE knowledge with the next generation of Entrepreneurs.

Creating a plan of action will help put my goals in order, holds me accountable, and gives direction to the task at hand. A plan of action should be completed on a daily basis. Completing small task will lead to achieving BIG goals. For starters my plan of action is to become officially self-employed, obtain the proper paper work, and begin working on a mission statement.

Utilizing your time correctly is what will separate the successful from the unsuccessful! It is wise to rise early to maximize your day. Give each task in your action plan a deadline and stick to completing them.

Reading should become second nature spend a hour per day on subject research and gain knowledge to become an authority.

Believing in yourself is the biggest part of this method. Without believing you can do it the possibility of it getting done is slim to none.

This is what takecontrolofyourwealth is about, and i hope you find the information useful.

Thanks for reading,

Papa Jones

6 thoughts on “About take control of your wealth”

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing your awesome awesome story. I agree with what yo said in your post, Your post is really good and has great information. All the best to you.

    1. Thank you Norman! I hope that was an ALL honest review. I’m a big boy, and I can take a beating! 🙂
      I hope to inspire more as time goes on. I want to spread knowledge of how important choices are. We all have them and we all control them. However, the consequence is out of our hands!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      PaPa Jones

  2. Hey man, inspiring post !

    I do look forward to your future journeys and guidance. Do share your knowledge with us young ones xD. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    1. Lucas,

      Thank you for your encouraging words! I’m sure we have enough to share with one another. Share your knowledge with us old ones(But I’m not old).

      Best wishes,
      Shannon kamal

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Your site looks great I like the theme. I think you could add some more graphics to break up the text. The content is helpful and motivating. You might want to take out the default text from wordpress You seem to have some technical skills in setting up your site that I wish I had. Thanks for sharing you have given me some great ideas.

    To Your Success,

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