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The internet is considered to be a very great resource to assist us with our search to fulfill some sort of need. Whether it be a cookbook for those that love to find new recipes, Last night’s game stats for the avid sports fan, or maybe even a mall to those who would rather shop from home! I mean think about it who doesn’t dream about working from anywhere on their own schedule? I know some people aren’t disciplined enough for the battle, but there is many people who would like to earn extra money for more freedoms.

On the flip side the internet is just the place for the modern day snake oil salesmen to get by a lot easier. Scammers are everywhere trying to get your MONEY without giving you any type of value back. No one likes having hard-earned money just taken away without getting any return. It’s so bad now that people are even scamming others into relationships I’m not lying catch an episode of catfish on MTV, and watch how many people are scammed. Poor guy wanted to meet a girl he’s been “cyber-dating” for years just to find out major details have been withheld. Now he/she finds out the person isn’t quite who they said they would be!

Because of this, the growing number of fakes out there present a legitimate reason for fear, However I would like to examine the nature of a scam. Who wants to miss out on a golden opportunity? It’s time we kill that fear, and learn the true definition of a scam. To quote one of my childhood favorite cartoons G. I JOE “knowing is half the battle” so let’s do some recon to before going forward.

Have you been scammed?

Hopefully there are some honest readers amongst us and will take responsibility of our actions. Remember back to the one time you believe you were scammed in some way with a money making opportunity? I have! In fact an extra hand will be needed if we were to keep count. Does this sound familiar “be your own boss sign up here and get my program on how to become a millionaire! Act Fact to get a discount price” Now you’re stuck getting spam messages with ads for you to spend more money!


“would you like the freedom to spend time with loved ones? Join x, y, z for $395.99 and get a live coach to guide you to success” just to find out the live coach was some sucker who was told to get individuals to purchase a program of selling product of non-value for a commission. Fact is many of us just want an opportunity to find a more free lifestyle so we become desperate in finding solutions. Now our angst clouds our reason to where we missed the con. Don’t be shamed about it just be prepared to never make that mistake again. The con man is advance so there are rules to follow to ensure you stay in the scam-free protection zone.

Ask questions! Weigh the risk!

The more you know the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision.

Before we get too deep let’s get a clear understanding on what exactly is a SCAM! By definition, it is recorded as : a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.


to cheat or defraud with a scam.

This isn’t my definition you can click on scam and get the meaning from I cross-checked Websters, and a few others and they all run along the same premise. However, it is this definition that I want to examine. We know what a scam is so now let’s make a checklist of questions to guard our well-being.

#1. What is required of me?

How much do I have to put up, and is anything reoccurring. Read the fine print to ensure that there are no hidden fees or disclaimers that devalue the transaction. There’s nothing worse than finding out the up front fee is $34.95 with a $14.99 monthly membership fee that is explained in the fire ant size print at the bottom. Only you know your capabilities so work within your means. Testimonials only provide proof from those that are able, have knowledge, or the reason to purchase. Doesn’t mean it’s the program for you in which that doesn’t make it a scam.

For example check out my review on =====>four corners alliance group they offer two ways to begin.

First price point of $90 is where you pay it forward and build a team of four hard-working individuals who are also looking to become financial literate and learn how to invest. you guys will begin selling digital financial literacy products for $18 where you get a commission on each sale.

Second price point of $18 is where you begin selling the products on your own to gain commission off each sale. The commissions become greater with the more people you are actually sponsoring! So paying it forward is usually the most lucrative way to go. For a full understanding of the program commission rates click here.

#2. What is the business motto?

Play close attention to the claims of the presenter. If they are giving you only the perks of the program and not the actual work that will take place most likely those are smoke screens. Get your mind focused on riches so you become more apt to move in excitement and not awareness.

How many times have someone approached you with promises of vacations, and promotions with cars, and some more just to point out why you should join. Those items hold no value if they aren’t in your possession up front! Show me a way to become a success and the perks will come! Don’t fall for the slick and sweet talk.

#3 How do I earn?

If it’s too good to be true than it isn’t true! No one will ever get something for nothing without uncertain circumstances happening. OK I understand nana finally went on and left behind $2.5 million, but that doesn’t happen every day, and I’m pretty sure the number of people sitting by waiting for it to happen is far n few between. At least I hope of course!

What work needs to be done for me to earn income? is it easily explained and straight to the point? Is is setup for the possible production or impossible tasks to meet? Use your gauge to make that call.

But for anything to have value it must be attained with patience, and constant action. OK! now how am I to be paid and how often? Do I have to put in request for my money or am I paid when I reach a withdrawal threshold? Keep in mind that request for payment doesn’t mean scam it just means some programs like to keep record of transactions where no one is getting paid less or more than they are requesting. This way no mix ups can occur!

#4 The value

Is it something that will meet the needs of a particular group, or am I aimlessly selling? How well do you have support when you are in time of need? Is the price point within your budget? Are you able to get a refund? What does my membership get me?

There are a lot of programs out there that ask for a lot with no plans of helping you get a return. Hold the program accountable and ask questions without a proper understanding there can be no value. To give you an example there is a community called wealthy affiliate that holds a very valuable program with perks, support, and the best assistance in the world with online business education. If you don’t believe me check out my review and put it to the test!


With all that we have gathered it’s time to make a decision to commit or walk away. Are you able to make the investment? Is it a clear and understood job description? Is it worth the investment? and lastly what’s my return on investment? The decision you make can be life changing either way! However, being informed and ready you can make a better choice that you can recover from if it doesn’t work out. Profit is up to you and how much you put into your assignments. NO RISK NO REWARD! so, if you say you can’t sit back and watch how you never will! Be educated, take control, and stay scam protected!


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Until next time,

PaPa Jones

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  1. This is a very good and well written article on how to take control of our money. Without commitment nothing will last great information I’ll be sure to share keep up the good work.

    1. I am happy to have reached you! Knowing is half the battle to making an informed decision to walk or commit! Thank you for stopping by.

      Take control friend,
      PaPa Jones

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