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Becoming Creditable

Before we discuss wealth it is important to speak of credibility because without it wealth is nearly impossible to achieve and pointless.

Many may think money is the only way to build your credit. To be in control your reach has to go further than money or else it will be the money that’s in control.

Let’s think about the person who would do anything for money, and the person who hoards money. The one who will do anything isn’t to be trusted at all because at the right price they will leave you in a jam when things get rough. Avoid them at all cost!

The money hoarder isn’t about growth, just greed! Can you imagine being a Plentiful harvestfarmer, and you’ve just yielded a beautiful crop this year. Wouldn’t it be foolish to store them away to rot? The logical thing would be to find a way to make sure the seed sown do not fall to waste. illogical persons are just bad for business period.

Although these two have the ability to achieve monetary riches, they lack control because they are driven by self! According to Creditable is defined as: Bringing or deserving credit, honor, reputation, or esteem.

Money was no where listed in the definition. So being creditable has to take on a new meaning other than credit for purchase. Here’s my thoughts on getting the ball rolling.

Send a Congrats

You just found out your neighbor got that raise, corner office, and companysmiley face car. Be happy for them! They may have been facing some rough times and now everything is looking up. On the weekend grab his favorite beverage and have a toast with him. He may need the encouragement.

Go ahead and say congratulations i’m happy for you.

Do something admirable

Have we done anything to be congratulated on? Not on things that you should do, but things that you don’t have to do. Yeah you should be paying your bills genius doesn’t make you superhero. But have you took it upon yourself to make sure you sponsor any child that can’t afford summer camp?

Follow the right path


What we should focus on when being creditable is how we behave when no one is looking. Honor is a lost trait among today’s society, and i’ll be the first to admit I have fell short on the chances to be honorable. Valuable lessons were taught in all of my mishaps which boiled down to me ignoring my inner voice of righteousness. We all have a voice of reason it’s just that most of us live with it on mute.

What are you known for

Perhaps your reputation proceeds you, and for a good report you’ll want a good reputation over a bad one. Do you have a habit of burning all your bridges in travel or will you leave a few in case you’ll need to cross back. Stay positive, firm, but always fair.

Says who

This  is where anyone who wants to be in control become focused. Being held in high esteem by your peers speaks volumes on your credit with in your circles. Everyone knows what you stand for, and what you won’t put up with. You’re that business owner that knows all of his customers by name. With every intention on keeping your experience on the good side yet will not allow his staff to be mistreated.

I enjoy the story of Jesus Christ so I look to draw on his lifestyle to shape my credibility. I would have to study the bible with MORE practicing & LESS preaching, MORE humility & LESS humiliation, MORE relationship & LESS religion.

This is always easier said than done because as we know life has its own plans that will knock us clear off course. Keeping that focus on what you are after and you will most certain find it!

I would love for my credit to secure generations to come.

A place where at risk children felt safe, and given the necessary tools to have a chance at life with positive support .

To build up the children is the only way to touch the future generations. Creating a place where they have the tools to sustain a life to pass to the next in line.

Building an income source for future generations will bring esteem to my family. While practicing the teachings of Christ will help me bring a reputation(good or bad)!

I believe I just laid out the definition of creditable now it’s time I put into practice the operation to become creditable. This is where I pose the question for you….

  1. What are your wealth goals?
  2. How do you plan on becoming creditable?

Leave a comment below with your goals/plans I would love to hear them.

Lets get creditable,

PaPa Jones