Becoming Creditable


Hello wealth seekers,

Before we discuss wealth it is important to speak of credibility because without it wealth is nearly impossible to achieve and pointless.

Creditable is defined as: Bringing or deserving credit, honor, reputation, or esteem.

Many of us with goals of being wealthy are driven by some sort of factor. My journey of gaining spritual wealth and financial wealth are factored by wanting to be a better person and securing future generations financially. To do any of this I must first live according to the gospel of jesus christ. To gain credibility i would have to study the bible with MORE practicing & LESS preaching, MORE humility & LESS humiliation, MORE relationship & LESS religion.

To build generatonal wealth i have to be disciplined and strict to wise spending. I have to stop saving and begin investing! its not what i make its how i appropriate my funds will determine my monetary wisdom from here on out. i suppose to build generational wealth i’d be better served to begin getting family involved to keep the mission growing. I like to think Whoever claimed “money and blood dont mix” had it wrong. I prefer”Don’t mistake money and blood, Business is business, Blood just means we’re related”.

Building an income source for future generations will bring esteem to my family. While practicing the teachings of christ will bring me a reputation(good or bad)! i believe i just defined creditable. These are the steps and plans i must take to achieve my goals of wealth. This is where i pose the questions.

  1. What are your wealth goals?
  2. How do you plan on becoming creditable?


Leave a comment below with your goals/plans I would love to hear them.


Lets get creditable,

PaPa Jones