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Laptop screen with the internet open for businessSo you’ve been thinking of owning your own online business, and your research lead you to buying a domain name. This is a very important step to your potential success, I will explain why in just a minute. This article will discuss how to create a domain name by explaining what they are, and how to use them. Anyone not interested in investing the time it takes to see results in your business, or put in the time to learn how to grow your business then you should exit the blog right about now! Those that are ready we shall proceed!

Welcome to the world wide web where at anytime there can be well over a billion people surfing the web for information of some sort. With today s advancement in technology people are doing a lot of researching online before they make purchases. Guidance is what people are looking for before they buy that vitamix blender, or someone to give an honest review on the products that are out there making promises. Now we can easily do a google search online to find out about the product we wish to have.

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of this slowing down either, the stats from reports the exact contrary. Reports show that by 2021 the number of digital shoppers will reach the upwards of 2 billion. Big stores are beginning to shut down the doors due to digital purchasing. Toys r us has filed for bankruptcy due to online shopping that’s taking away from the store experience. Kids just aren’t into toy stores anymore.

This would have made my folks happy as me and my 3 brothers LOVED visiting the toy stores even if it was just to look around. We didn’t get a chance to do much visiting toy stores unfortunately my dad was a stickler with his hard-earned dollars.

Companies are moving towards the digital age, and they look for help from everyday people to drive that traffic to their sites to shop. For this reason there is a ton of people getting in on the action of affiliate marketing. This opportunity is not as hard as people believe all you need is a domain name and a niche to support your plan, but first you’ll need a domain. This article will explain how to create a domain and make it work for you ensure your business can have a chance in the online world.

1. You need to be found…..Your location has been mapped on the globe

The internet is a very big space that holds a lot of information with the capabilities of connecting people from all over the world in an instant. To be found you’ll need an IP (internet protocol) address where your computer network can be reached by other computer networks. The protocol Is a bunch of numbers sort of like a postal address but much longer almost like an 800 hot line number.

Your domain is like the name of the hot line you are trying to contact. A domain name makes it easier to remember than a bunch of odd numbers out of sequence. In fact most hot lines would try to make their numbers memorable by using phrases like 1-800-getcash just so people would be able to remember it. That takes me into my next point.

2. You want to be remembered…..

This is where you really need to pay close attention on how to structure your domain. The build out of your space is totally up to you. Here you want to establish your brand and identity allowing you to draw in your audience. This is done by finding something that you have an interest in. This could be ANYTHING that you love to do, interested in, passionate about, or even something you want to learn about. Any and everything can be a niche, but first we need our own 1-800-getcash.

You want your name to stay consistent with your subject matter. Foodies will need something that isn’t too long and interesting like Tasteytastebuds it looks long but short and easy to pronounce and remember. Into sports? I would try something intense like Sportsick because I need it to stay alive. Take the time to think about having a store with a very low overhead of $2/day, what would you name it?

Your domain should be inviting as the sign say come in we're awesomeIt’s YOUR piece of digital real estate. Anything you want your business to be, it shall be! Within internet guidelines of course just be sure to follow one golden rule. Stay in focus of what your site is about be clear and concise for your audience to understand what’s going on. You would never walk in to a car dealership to buy a washing machine. You could play jazz music in your EDM house nightclub but how long would your audience stick around?

Whatever your theme is stay within that arena!

3. You want to build trust…..

In order for your domain name to bring you anything you’ll have to become a place where people can benefit from your content. Begin by making sure you can be of some sort of help to an issue they may have. Explain in the best way possible how you have a solution to their problem, or answers to any questions they may have. Be genuine in your delivery don’t stretch truths, or give misinformation to make yourself seem bigger.

Refrain from talking down on your readers, answer all questions with sincerity to help, put a face on your brand. People tend to trust who they can see rather than words and a name if you want to be successful putting a face to your brand will get you one step closer to the task. 0

4. Things you want to avoid…..Thumbs down to the things we should avoid

The purpose of your domain name is to build your brand, build an audience, build a reputation, or build a business. Whichever you choose you will want to be found by search engines. This process begins with your domain name and then your domain extension

When creating your domain name try not putting dashes in the name as it can be a pain to remember or type. can definitely rank within engines giving you a chance to be seen but it may be a nuisance to your readers. Your domain name should be something that can easily branded while easy to remember. Not too long, and definitely related to your interest.

Moving on to the extensions they’re classified under 2 types:

  1. Premium domains
  2. Gtld (generic top-level domains)

Premium domains have extensions such .net these extensions have a higher chance to be found in search engines. Before selecting your extensions please understand the following. Your.coms are typically reserved for sites that plan on earning monetary gain while the orgs are for non-profits or organizations that are looking to have an online presence. I would have to triple check if be monetized, and when I find out I will be sure to post about it. Maybe one of you guys may have the answer, if so leave a comment below explaining the possibility.

Gtld are all other extensions that have a tough time being seen in search engines or are only for companies to display information to the public or its employees. For can typically be found as an extension for any institute of learning. Here they will usually post the programs and classes they offer amongst other school related stuff. Keep this in mind when you are planning to run your online business.

Choose wisely because the purchase of a domain is good for one year with no refunds, or changing them once purchased.

5. What to expect…..

This step may be of the most importance of all that I’m sharing with you right now. Making a domain name work for you takes time, creativity, and consistent action. The best way to build wealth is through taking daily action and patience when things become difficult because they will become difficult. Having support when things get tough is great to have a loved one in on what you’re doing that they may encourage you to keep you going. A support system is always a great tool to have whenever we are building anything and this is no different.

Suppose you don’t have the support to keep going or you don’t understand any of the technical process. I would implore you to join my #1 rated program wealthy affiliate to help individuals get on track with their online business. How does Wealthy affiliate work will explain the possibilities of the platform showing you how you can maximize your potential.

To sum it all up!

Running a business online can be rewarding with the ability to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. The Domain name is necessary because you’ll need to be found for the world to visit, and purchasing a domain name will set you up to make this possible. Make it easy for your followers to follow you by giving your place a name that is easy to remember, and brandable.

Trust will take your business to heights that production alone just can’t. We can produce the most beautiful website, and the best articles in the world however, if people don’t trust you because you’re not being truthful then what’s the point. Put a face to your brand and let the world know who’s business this is, and stay genuine and honest with your delivery.

Avoid extensions that don’t suit the purpose of your digital real estate. You’re not an institution of learning . .edu should be scratched off the list. You want search engines to find you therefore pick an extension that is premium to give you that chance.

If you’re looking to get rich quick then you will have to find the nearest banking institution and pass the teller a note to put the money in the bag, don’t press the panic button, and keep those dye packs out! No, I am not insisting you rob a bank but getting rich quick usually doesn’t end well. What ever is worth having takes a while to get while that which is easy to obtain will soon fade away.

This takes work setting up your domain name and making it work for you. Some try just to find out it takes too much work while others are determined to learn just how. Which are you?

Until next time Take Control,

PaPa Jones

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