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I need something different

Times are tight for us all as the cost of living keeps rising and the wages remaining stagnant. How do we make ends meet, if we are even making them meet at all. Who’s tired of the check to check living? how long before an accident happens where you’re now borrowing money? That type of living gets stressful, and we all know stress can lead to more serious health problems. Is it really worth it in the end?

I remember as an educator I was living great when the checks came in, but after bills, and a little bit of entertainment it seemed like forever before next payday would come. At that time I was on bi weekly pay so the the off weeks would be my “canned pork n beans” week. One day I remember falling ill on the job, it was a Friday morning that I left early and entered the ER for a 2-week stay in a medically induced coma.

A story for another time that I promise to share….

Needless to say I was out of work for some time. I had to get help from my lady at the time with my weekly routines with check ups and the occasional meal. Luckily my landlord had an understanding heart giving me some slack with rent until I was back on my feet.

Paying rent on time I’m sure helped, but sometime I wonder what would have happened without an amazing partner or, an understanding land lord. I would have been up the river with no paddle in deep treacherous waters. That was the day I realized I needed to earn my own income. Being on the search for a way to be self employed at home I saw someone on YouTube talk about making money online.

Sounded like a great idea, but there was just one problem. How can I make money online if I don’t know how?

Well I guess I better find a way!

So many different ways to work online

Deciding to work from home was an easy decision to make when you’ve just been terminated from your “JOB”, just married, and not really much of a savings. All I could think was I will never feel this way again. The best version of ME requires me taking control. That’s why I decided to find a job working from home earning an income that I am responsible for.

Looking for a wedding dress on the phone
Everyone is on the phone

Taking that first step to find opportunity online is tough because you have no idea how. So naturally the hunt is on, and with today’s technology Google is the first place you search. Am I right? Everyone’s online shopping, researching, and entertaining themselves, so why not work online?

Let’s go job hunting

The search brings up a bunch of ways to earn money online so we need to approach this opportunity as if we are starting our own company. This means we have to go out and find the work that will bring in a sustainable income. Key point to remember is that YOU are in control of what you plan to do for income. Perfect opportunity to do what you love and get paid for it. I believe the saying goes “find a job that you love and never work a day in your life”

So what kind of jobs are out there for us to perform? let’s take a look what pops up as of today by searching google for work from home jobs.

You’ll begin to see opportunities like this.

The Virtual assistant sounded cool but that doesn’t fit my personality. I have a tough time keeping up with my own schedule never mind someone else’s. This wouldn’t fit my criteria, so I’ll pass. Those of you that are organized enough to assist 3 to 4 people you can make it happen.

Recommended for the organized

Social media manager is a legit way to make money if you are a social media super user. That’s not quite my arena so that wouldn’t be a fit for me. Uninteresting work usually leads to boredom, stop of production, and then the inevitable. QUITTING! Between Facebook, Instagram, pinterest, YouTube, snap chat, and twitter there are multiple platforms to work. I am an Instagram fan not really much of a Facebook user, and the others I am trying to learn.

That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t fit for you and your expertise of social media interaction. There’s a program offering to help you become a social media manager and work anywhere in the world that may be of some help. You will have to test it out with an honest approach. Put in the actual work that it takes to build your managing brand. Hard work just means you have to work hard so don’t be afraid, just get to working.

Recommended for the social media enthusiast

The multiple MLM presentations I sat in on that was just confusing with me having to pay a heavy ticket to find a return, pr a dead down line with the money moving upstream. Yup the top is getting paid while the bottom barely catches a crumb.I recommend staying away from all that require monthly payments, purchases, or any program that offers no refund.


***keep READING FOR MY #1 RECOMMENDATION***7 day free trial to learn the skills

Make a decision

I remember my very first legit lead to earn money online back in 2012 that came in the form of internet income university. This was a “GEM” I thought to myself, the way it was broken down made this a possibility. They offered books on the process of making money however, I am new to the field. None of this makes sense and I’m still not sure how this works. With the proper support, and someone to answer the questions I had I may have been well on my way with an up and running business online.

Well they had a coach that I could call but the coach left the company a week after I signed up and no one returned correspondence. Wait a minute….. now that I think about it, was I scammed?

Not really at least I got some books out of it, right!My e-book collection to start my business. along with my old coaching book

Can you tell which books the program offered from looking at my collection

They did make mention of blogging, and selling products online without warehousing cost. They even gave a book on the net’s best-sellers, how to write n e zine articles, and a tax guide. I found that to hopeful but with no real guidance or support I was left  searching for my own website.

Finally, getting to work from home is looking like a reality. Learning how to start an online business from home won’t be easy. I’ll just have to make a ton of mistakes until I get it. Next hurdle is buying some digital real estate (a website).

Buying digital real estateDigital real estate is just as plentiful

The BEST way to earn money online would be to own your own piece of property. Sure you can make money as a virtual assistant but how many accounts can you really assist, and what happens if your assistance is no longer needed? Your own website would keep you in business as you can share your expertise in being an assistant.

Social media managing seems like a great way to go as I don’t see the platforms going anywhere. Sooner, or later when you find success in the management world you’ll need an authoritative site anyways so your search is back on. How do I buy a domain?

You can purchase rights to a domain on yearly terms the prices range from $8-$15 for the year. Usually when you find a cheap domain the price is bound to rise. All that you have to do is make sure your domain is available by checking. This is usually done by whomever you decide to purchase from, If it’s available then it’s yours.

Finding a good deal.

Looking to build a website can be a process that will drive the most sane, insane. Buying a domain was the easy part the trouble came when I needed to find a host. A host is where you place your domain on a server to run your site on the internet. Aside from hosting I would still have to build it, and make sure it is a secure site.

I’ve been quoted prices ranging from $2500-$10k I was ready to pay for the $2500 site however, the hosting fees were $20/mo $399/yr for site security, and $50 hr if ever tech support was needed. That looked to be more of a liability this early in the process of domain ownership. Hosting is a requirement while site security helps build your trust by keeping your visitors safe.

The next time you are on a website check for a padlock in front of the web address. This indicates a safe browsing environment. A site that is The pad lock means safetynot secure isn’t safe to surf. There is no telling what’s going to happen with your data. In the future if you encounter such a site with no padlock then I wouldn’t trust typing in any type of personal information.

The program that does it ALL Thumbs up to finding the right platform

You can become a virtual assistant or a social media manager, try MLM GOOD LUCK and happy recruiting!!

Will you cap your potential, or will you become an authority online building relationships, and helping people in your niche?

The choice is yours! However,

I’m here to share with you my Top rated #1 program on the market and that program is wealthy affiliate as you read the banner up above. It’s not magic just learn the skills to making money online. There truly is no other way that will set you up for longevity than this way. You won’t have to rely on people giving you work, or having to wait until the work come in for you.

Become an online entrepreneur by running your own digital establishment in what ever you like and wealthy affiliate will show you the rest. Well just how does wealthy affiliate really work? You will find out just how after reading the review.

It’s the only place to offer such a heavy package that fits any person on the planet. You get security, tech support, training, and hosting of 25 websites. Read the review and check the price points I promise you will not be upset. As wise as you are I know you’ll find the value and sign up.

Recap and close

You want to do something that you like, interested in, or passionate about. This ensures you stay productive, the saying goes “find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”

We established that there are ways to make money online but are they suitable for every/anyone? Wealthy affiliate is? Not everyone likes social media or organized enough to be a virtual assistant.

Everyone has a hobby, like. Or passion that they can earn a real life income from. Find out how does wealthy affiliate work, and you will be ready to take that leap into firing your boss, and becoming self sufficient.

In need of a domain? Well you’re going to need the security, hosting, and all for a reasonable price. You have to read how does wealthy affiliate really work to get the price. It’s a great read with life changing capabilities. A site with no security is like going to the beach with no lifeguard. Sure it’s all fun until someone goes off on the deep end. Keep your customers safe!

Still wanna know how to make money online?

Take control,

PaPa Jones

10 thoughts on “How can I make money online If I don’t know how| Finding a way just got easy”

  1. Hi Papa Jones, I too had a lot of financial challenges and tried earning online, but I ended up spending too much to setting up the programs that I almost gave up when I discovered that my domain names had value and I could earn by buying and selling. The problem was that I needed enough set up money to get going. It was when I recently came upon Wealthy Affiliates that I found what I was looking for because there are so many different ways to earn. I am learning a lot and I am encouraged by your blog to keep at it. Thanks

    1. I am glad you found the community to get rolling on earning some funds. Domain names can definitely be profitable. I have been buying them in hopes to sell them one day. Thank you for reading, and taking the time to comment.

  2. I have benefited greatly by reading your article.You discuss in your article about How CAN I MAKE MONEY ONLINE IF I DON’T KNOW HOW| FINDING A WAY JUST GOT EASY. You also said many different ways to work online, Let’s go job hunting,Finding a good deal.I think Your article is an informative article. After reading your article i have learned in this topics clearly. So, Thank you very much for sharing your article.

    1. Information is key but the way we use it can make it powerful. Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment. 

      Take control friend

  3. Awesome article! It takes one through the many possibilities of making money online,but leads you back to the most popular way to make money…affiliate marketing. It compares and contrasts the different ways but it always comes back the Wealthy Affiliate way of working online.

    1. I would call affiliate marketing the easiest way to make money online while i believe dropshipping to be most popular. Wealthy affiliate has created a program where any one of these methods can be achieved. I just hope people catch on and begin capitalizing on the potential.

      thanks for leaving a comment
      PaPa Jones

  4. Thanks for sharing your website with us. When you wrote to take control of your wealth, I like that saying. You have jobs that control your wealth. They control how many hours you work and how much you get paid. Why not do something where you can control when you can work and how much money you make. The title of your post sounds like motivation to check out what you need to online for you to make lots of money.

    1. Thank you for reading the post, and leaving a comment on the subject. It’s important everyone really understand that our time is where true value lays. To be in control of your valuables means we should make the best of our time. Whether it be to spend with family, helping others, or enjoying our days. 

      To become the best ME is up to ME! Take control friend…

      PaPa Jones

  5. Hi, 

    I have read your article very carefully. There are many important tips about how can I make money on line and the way just got easy. Thanks for this informative article where you have discussed many ways of earning money online.  I think wealthy affiliate is the best way to earning money online. Domain names can definitely be profitable as well. To choose a domain name to earn money by buying, and selling products online is possible. So, thank you very much for sharing this article.

    1. Yes you can definitely choose a domain to begin making money online by selling products after you buy them. That’s called Ecomm in which this article didn’t cover but I will in the near future. It’s popular nowadays and goes by the name of drop shipping. Stay following as i dive into more ways to be an online business person.

      PaPa Jones

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