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Wealthy affiliate

rating: Top rated A+

starter membership $0

premium membership $49/mo $359/yr

owners: Kyle & Carson

Last Known population: 1.5 million

Atmosphere: Happy and sometimes catty.. (Just being honest transparency is top priority with this post)

Any real earnings: YES, YES, and only if you go after it like a business

Any perks with the membership: BIG PERKS that are only exposed to premium membership status.

That’s the community you will be hearing about throughout this article where I will be using various ways to call it. Like, WA, platform, program, and of course the community. It’s really a community of helpers. and well wishers, with a ton of education on the online business world. I hope this helps you, the one looking for a way out of the rat race. Time to answer the BIG question, how does wealthy affiliate really work?

The lovely web address is :

The purpose of wealthy affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is a platform designed to educate individuals on how to build an online business from home, or just about anywhere. Beach, family reunion, family vacation, anywhere. Within this program there are lessons that will walk you step by step from beginning to end on the necessary steps to earn an income online.

You will be taught how to build a website, keyword researching, all the way to SEO. Wealthy affiliate will not only show you how to build a site, but also how to maintain a website.

Have you been online looking for an opportunity to work from home making a little extra cash, and you run into John who has a program that “runs on auto pilot that will get you $1,000 /day”. Just to find out that the program requires you to spend an obscene amount of money on his program that turns out to just be an auto-responder. By the way I learned how to effectively use an auto-responder from wealthy affiliate.

I know I have ran into this scenario multiple times  until I found Wealthy Affiliate. This program doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get rich however, they do promise to walk you through the process to get you earning a full time income online.

Looking to start an online business?

 With many programs on the World Wide Web promising to get you earning online. How do you know which is legit? It takes a lot of research to separate the truths from the fiction, and sometimes a major hit to the bank account takes place.

Owners Kyle & Carson have put together an easy to understand step by step system to create a website, generate traffic, and earn commissions through your website. With members from all over the world the network at WA is diverse and extensive. Wealthy Affiliate holds a community that is caring, sharing, and willing to assist you if ever you feel stuck in the process of building your business.

There is no experience needed at all just plain hard work, patience, and determination. For anyone serious about becoming an online entrepreneur continue this review until the end, if then you decide to sign up I promise to offer a BONUS for all that go premium within the first 7 days of your free trial. No need to ask “what free trial?” Just keep reading til the end I will and you will understand it all.

Benefits v. Drawbacks


Affordable pricing

  • gives a free trial before asking for a dime!
  • no hidden fees
  • Month to Month (No commitment)
  • Starter package offers premium services free for 7 days
  • respectful environment
  • attentive owners, respectful, and enforces a friendly atmosphere
  • no coding experience necessary
  • easy to understand courses, live training, and classrooms
  • live chat for support 24/7
  • Free sub domain sites on a siterubix platform
  • Hosting for 25 free sites and 25 domains for premium account members
  • highest paid commissions of any affiliation program on the market
  • Bonus offers for those who sign up within the first 7 days


  • A lot of information can be overwhelming
  • live chat doesn’t always help with right away tech support
  • Can become addicting

Who is wealthy affiliate for?

Are you looking to grow your business?

Looking to fire your boss?

Looking to earn extra income?



Convicted felon?

This is totally for you, take advantage of this opportunity to become your own boss, and be in control of your future.

If you’re a self motivated individual with goals to gain financial freedom, build a legit business, or share your passion then wealthy affiliate sounds like a fit. The impatient need not apply!

There is absolutely no experience necessary to excel in this program. It is designed to help anyone from beginner to the advanced of individual.

What comes with your membership?

In wealthy affiliate there are 2 types of memberships to know about. The first being:

*** The Starter membership 0$

Wealthy affiliate comparison chart

NO credit card needed when signing up, this membership offers limited premium services for the first seven days. Here you will have access to the first 10 lessons of the training, Full access to live chat, Support, 2 free websites and much more.

This membership is recommended for all the skeptics out there, and the non-believers to try. Some believe online work is 100% a scam while the others believe it can’t be them working from anywhere.

I urge anyone to give the 7 day trial just 24 hours of your time. That’s 6 days at 4 hours per day with the day off on the 7th to decide if there is any value to anything you’ve learned.

The answer will be yes if you spent the 24 hours dedicated to completing the work of each task that is assigned. From there if you really want freedom to work from anywhere while securing the future of your legacy you WILL go premium.

The second membership:

***The Premium membership

You’ll need either a credit card or PayPal account to go premium where you will be billed monthly for your membership unless of course you go yearly where it is an upfront fee of $359

You can cancel your membership at anytime before billing as there is ZERO commitment.

At a discounted price of $19 for your first month already wealthy affiliate has given you a free 7 day trial to test the platform, and then a discount  before taking anything from you.

With your premium status you are given:

  • site security
  • site support
  • site hosting,
  • 24 hour live chat, and much more.
Site plus table

One of the most valuable perks of hosting your site here is the fact that you are given security with a boost of speed along with some spam blocker. This alone gives wealthy affiliate the edge over any other site platforms. No one is offering site security, speed, and spam blocking along with the purchase of your domain. Even if you already own a domain joining WA and transferring your site over to hosting you will be offered all the perks with your premium membership. Yes! in order to get the hosting you must go premium.

Offering siterubix as a hosting platform to host websites, and the step by step training in Word Press to create your very own professional website. On top of that they have live video training by seasoned veterans to show you the ins and outs to take your site to the next level. Success is certain for those that take full advantage of what the platform offers.

24 hr live chat is available for those seeking assistance with the issues that arise while you are learning to become a full time at home/anywhere business owner. Although at times it may take a while for someone to reply there are classrooms that cover almost every issue you may have, and a help bar is placed at the top of the screen where you can type in your question where the database will pull up all materials based on your question. Live Chat is usually pretty awesome though so you will most likely find the proper help so it will rarely come to the help bar.

With your premium membership you are given a Lite membership to the

Jaaxy lite a premium member perk
Lite membership included with premium membership

Jaaxy keyword research tool. Keywords are one of the ways to get google to recognize your blogs so this is a JEWEL of a gift given from wealthy affiliate to its premium members. You can upgrade the membership, but if  you are just beginning your site the lite edition is more than enough.

There is also an affiliate program attached to this platform where you can receive compensation for making referrals to the services of Jaaxy.

Can you count on the support?

How can i make money online if i don’t know how?  There is always someone willing to help through live chat or a classroom. Live training is recorded and can be viewed at anytime to study and research when you need them. Just ask a question and the members are happy and willing to help.

The support is like none other, if you don’t believe me try it out!

Classrooms are created to give you insight on any topic that deals with taking your site to the next level. Kyle & Carson can be reached at anytime, and will get back in 24-48 hours. You’ll very rarely need to contact them as the community will usually be of great help.

If  you have any issue with your website just turn in a support ticket and the team will be back with you that same day. I can speak first hand about this because I had enough issues in the beginning to test the integrity, and I was not disappointed.

Final thoughts and recommendations!

As I stated before there are many programs out there that claim you can make six figures online and become financially free. They claim to have the recipe, but at what cost? They usually ask for a lot before they give a little! Wealthy affiliate is the exact opposite where they give you a free trial of a premium membership for 7 days, along with a discount when signing up premium.

They seem to give before they take anything from you. For me that was the determining factor to at least give it a try to see just exactly what it is they offer. Once I began using WA I noticed how valuable the information was being given, and how much services they was offering it was obvious that I can obtain the freedom that I always dreamed  about.

You WILL NOT find another opportunity on the net that offers as much as WA. Where else will you be given hosting for 25 domains to learn how to make a business while offering site security, and support? if you find one I will be the first to congratulate you. However, there is no need to find one if I’m sharing this one right now. Want to earn  extra income, get a boost to your business, a platform to share your passion? I urge you to give the free 7 day trial a chance.

⇒⇒⇒⇒ Bonus offer ⇐⇐⇐⇐

I will be giving you a bonus training video that helped me get ready for my year in business! if you sign up for premium in the first 7 days I will pass it on to you for your journey to getting started with your online business venture.

so sign up Now why wait!

Can’t wait to see you within the community.

Take control,

Papa jones

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