The reason.

If you were to ask me “what prompted you to find a job working from home online?” I would share with you first the chain of events that preceded that lead to this decision!

The date was January 2nd, 2012 I received a phone call from my employer to inform me of my employment being terminated. This was bad news for me as I had just gotten married and had plans to build a life with my new bride. However it was also great news because it gave me an out to be free from the stresses of my 9-5. I vowed that day to take control of my well being and provide my own security. Work on something that I was in control of, that I enjoyed doing to provide my monetary needs. No longer would I worry about meeting anyone else quota while they have the reigns over my staying or going. I didn’t have to wake up in the morning, and stay later with no overtime pay if my work wasn’t 100% complete. I would have my schedule, my goals, my work, and most importantly on my time!


The decision.

That’s me right there punching the clock from 8:30 -5 everyday for 6 years trying to get ahead in my career. To no avail my career has seem to have lost its luster! It became a job! Have you ever worked in a place where you wanted to just quit?

Some describe these type of jobs as a rat race! So what do I do now? That’s the obvious question to ask right now, so instead I’m just going to pay close attention to what I won’t do again! That’s count on a corporation or person to occupy my time to make a living it’s time to work for me and make my dreams and visions a reality!

This is where I made the decision to take control of my wealth!

Google became my go to for information on how to begin working from home. It lead me to a few blogging programs that had much information but no guidance willing to break things down, or if you did get a “coach” that person will become tough to reach? Does this behavior sound familiar? Have you dealt with programs leading you on just to take your money and claim to have the secrets to get you “rich in no time”? This leads to frustration and anger because there is no serious follow through just a program that takes a life’s saving to get rolling. Some just take from your life’s savings! That’s a topic for another blog so I will address that later.

It’s quite  possible that you know exactly what you want to do but you just don’t know how, and you don’t trust programs to even give it a try. Where to start? What will it cost? How will it make money? and finally Is it worth it? One thing we know for sure, and that’s first a decision must be made. Am I willing to at least try to gain an extra income? Or……

The Plan.

Realizing I needed a website of some sort to work from home I set out to look for website builders. I knew very little so nothing made sense when I reached out to  web designers, but a large price tag. Now I’m looking for deals because i really NEED this website. NO LUCK! Either the prices were too much or unprofessional work took place. I decided to try on my own only to produce ZERO results!

Hey I was determined to make this happen there was no way I was going back to a boss. What would you do if your living  situation gets worse and you’re just trying to make it? I know I’m not alone in with this situation. Someone right now wants to fire their boss and earn a living with more freedom to do what they love. What’s stopping us?

 After countless tries at programs to gain knowledge five years had gone by and to the date of my termination, Wealthy Affiliate came across my eyes. I didn’t pay close attention to the valuable information right away by signing up and not reading the benefits of the premium services so I missed out on my free trial! Don’t let this happen to you!

I will probably never live down so get used to hearing that story again! Immediately I signed on premium when I realized the value of this program. This is the first time I experienced such positivity and honest help. A community that reminds me of a neighborhood where everyone knows each other, and looks out for one another. That alone is what makes Wealthy affiliate a great source for the serious entrepreneur. Time to get rolling.

The NOW.

The only next step is to go after your dreams and visions of what YOU want! It’s not just about money with me I want to spend more time with my family. Creating memories and enjoying each other’s company. The main lesson learned early was to complete the small tasks, celebrate small wins, and stay committed to consistency! When it gets rough I always remember a quote from an unknown author.

“It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up!”

This was my action that I chose to take control of my situation! My wealth is in my time and effort. For my time I cannot get it back so it is valuable and my effort is all I have to give.

Will you take action or keep thinking about taking action, or you could just be satisfied. That’s fine too! I am not here to judge, just here to help the best way that have helped me.

This is meant to be shared with anyone out there Who wants to better their future financially by taking a passion they love, and finding an audience to cater to.

A niche can be anything you find interest in, love, have fun with, do for a living and much more!

***** If you sign up within the first seven days I will share with you Understanding how to make money online as a bonus offer. Go annual and I will throw in Creating keyword rich content

Anyone can do this so don’t think you aren’t able. The opportunity is endless!!

Take control my friends,

PaPa Jones



8 thoughts on “Why I decided to find a job working from home online!”

  1. I know exactly the feeling to want to quit your job. It makes you unhappy with your whole life because you think that you have to continue the same routine.

    Everyone deserves a better life and online marketing gives you this opportunity but only a few really want to work hard to achieve their goals.

    1. This is the truth! Only a selected few will see their visions through! It may play air into fear of not knowing! 

      No risk no reward is my motto! You will never know if you don’t take a swing!

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Papa jones

  2. Dude that quote “It’s a slow process. But quitting won’t speed it up!” Hits home so so so hard! It’s crazy how the universe tends to align at exactly the right moments in live. What you describe right at the beginning about working in a place that you just want to quit. And that it had became a “job” is exactly how I have been feeling and luckily i have friends like you that are serious about wanting to help people and to have an impact on the world around them. So thank you for this post! I’m grateful for having the opportunity!

    1. I’m glad this post reached home with you Dawayne! If you in turn enlighten the next individual so that they are inspired or motivated then we just made the world a little brighter! 

      Thank you for sharing, feel free to share please!

      Papa Jones

  3. Papa, I love your story. It is a familiar one I’m sure but you made it your own. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to be to jump out of the rat race. I have to ask you: as you made this decision 5 years ago, can you give us a little look into what your earning experience has been? Did you have to work part time while you were getting this off the ground.. Not prying, just want to hear the happy ending! Thanks for the info and take care.

    1. Hello warren thank you for leaving a comment! 

      My search began 5 yrs ago with no success in finding a suitable program. Having found wealthy affiliate just six months ago my financial earnings have yet to begin. However I have earned the knowledge of how to actually build a premium website. I was looking into having a website built and the prices were ASTRONOMICAL! 

      Here I have learned what it takes to survive and HOW to survive. So at the moment my financial gain is ZERO but the knowledge I’ve learned is priceless and worth every dime I spend on my subscription!

      I hope this help!

      Papa jones

      P.s I plan to continue my work as a self employed instructor even when the gains begin 

  4. Good job on taking control of your financial freedom. Although I have never been terminated from a job before, I also made the decision to take control of my financial future by terminating my job. I was never one to live a 9-5 life, so it only made sense. Checking out this wealthy affiliate program, it looks very interesting. How helpful are the members within the community when it comes to helping out newbies? thanks!

    1. hey Ralph,

      Thanks for stopping by! The community is very warm and helping. I am a newbie and I have yet to feel lost! It can get overwhelming with info at times but the info is so valuable you learn something new everyday as long as you’re patient! I wish you much success within the program.

      Take control friend,


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