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The health scene today has become a booming industry with interest from all around the world. What we eat, how much we exercise, how well do we take care of ourselves. The consensus is that Health is the new wealth, and I would have to agree only to point out that health on all 3 fronts is when an individual can be truly wealthy. I totally agree that we all should try to live a healthy life spiritually, mentally, and to our best ability physically. However, with the western way of life how can we survive on health alone? Sure it would be nice to live off the land without a care in the world as the days go by, but that’s not our reality. We have responsibilities to our families, our jobs, and ourselves. It’s clear to see that Health is the new wealth, but finances are always needed.

I can’t look at my 8 yr. old in the face while he’s hungry and say well at least we’re healthy because a few meals missed can turn the healthy unhealthy really fast. The commute to work is an hour each way that can’t be traveled with a great spiritual standpoint. Meditation, and prayer is vital to keeping a balance it just won’t get you very far over the highways. You shouldn’t feel bad for planning a secured future financially. There are reasons to want financial freedom and here they are.

Make retirement easy

Time flies when you’re having fun, and extra fast when you have a job to tend to. AARP has reported that 70 is the new 65 and that 20% of older people don’t see an end to the office. In fact, many survey respondents age 50+ reported to be actively seeking employment. From that study 4 out of 10 said that they needed at least 500,000 to be able to retire while a quarter reported needing less.

Truth is most people can’t afford to retire physically, or mentally. On one hand they won’t be able to make it then on the other hand they would feel as if they are no longer a part of society so they live with reckless abandon. Trips here, gifts there, money to the grand kids and so forth. Hopefully they will be able to afford the lifestyle of mischievous or find themselves at some dead end minimum wage gig scraping by. What about the elderly with ailments.

With the proper finances you can be rest assured not to be a heavy burden on your loved ones who have lives to live. Children should be there for their parents when the time comes, but why leave your well-being in your child hands.

Your family is growing

When we start our journey in life it’s just one person that we need to look out for and that’s ourselves. As time goes on you meet someone that peaks your interest, and now you two are inseparable. Now at this time you are still mainly just looking out for your own interest, but the thought of that person just consumes you, and before you know it you’re asking or accepting the proposal of a lifetime together. Just that quick you have someone else who you will have to look out for.

Pretty soon you will be thinking of children, or maybe just a child. Before you know it there is a child in the house, and your family is growing. For you disciplined individuals out there I congratulate you if you somehow kept focus to just having one child. However, us earthlings tend to treat children like lay’s you can’t just have one. This means a hike in the food bill, water bill, electricity, and clothing. I’m not an expert on transaction, but I can almost guarantee none of that can be paid with a clean bill of health.

The healthy do get sick

You’ll read this time and time again from me. Nothing hits harder than life! Nothing! There are no explanations it’s just the way it goes. Cancers, dementia, MS, ALS just to name a few illnesses from the many diseases that can afflict the body. Medical bills can add up, and services along with medicine can run a pretty penny.

Loans will just put you in more debt giving you added stress on top of sickness. You don’t want to bug family & friends for hand outs to make it by, but if your finances aren’t able to withstand the onslaught of bills begging is where you’ll be.

Washington Post published the truth about medical bankruptcies where they report bankruptcy from medical bills are in direct result of living beyond your means. You CAN purchase a 5 million dollar home, 3 cars, and a bunch of clothes to go on big trips. However, life happens and you can come across an emergency medical situation. If you have to file for bankruptcy you CAN’T¬†blame the medical emergency!

Your legacy awaits

Every person wants to be remembered for something whether good or bad we all have a desire to leave behind a legacy. Creating revenue for your community is a great way to leave a legacy. Wouldn’t it be awesome to create summer job opportunities that turn into after school jobs.

Leave your comments down below for some discussion. It doesn’t have to be money related because all in all money means nothing until you spend it. Ya can’t take it with you… I hope to have my YouTube up and running for a Q+A session as I am sure I can learn from a lot of you out there, so until then i’ll take your answer in the comment section. If you could do anything to create your legacy what would you create?

I will leave you with this

Money means nothing unless you have the proper balance in your life to make it through tough times. Finances is strictly for transactions, in fact money can ruin your life if you are irresponsible with it.¬† What I am discussing here is strictly the need to be able live life with freedom. Life has a lot to give some may not be good, but it’s never all bad. Secure your future and gain some control by signing up for my #1 recommendation to earn a passive income. Here is the truth about wealthy affiliate, you can make a more informed decision to secure your legacy, retire easy, grow your family, and meet any medical issue that may arise.

You can do it! Take control my friends!

PaPa Jones

8 thoughts on “Health Is The New Wealth, But Finances Are Always Needed”

  1. It’s certainly true that your health is your wealth and there’s hardly a day that goes by without seeing a story in the media about healthy living, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

    The thing that doesn’t get enough attention is mental health, especially as we get older. There’s things we can’t control,like dementia and Alzheimer’s but I see so many people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. These people don’t look sick but they are really suffering. It’s something to be aware of – looking after your mind as well as your body

    1. To be quite honest I believe that without mental health our physical health won’t matter. The biggest wars ever fought has been in our minds. 

      Sickness has multiple conditions where a person looks ok, but just aren’t. The mental issues are sometimes very hard to pick up on, and often overlooked by the people around. We need to look out for one another, and be kind always. 

  2. There’s a gentle touch of reality you are conveying to us in this article. We can’t just be naive and think we’re living in some kind of utopia. There is no paradise on earth. Whether it be mentally, socially, family-wise (if that’s a word), economically, health-wise, there will always be something coming up. Life is constantly full of new challenges. Once you lower your guard you’ll end up being left behind. At the same time, a balance is necessary. And that’s what a lot of it comes down to, finding the proper balance. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can have some things you put before others, but at least don’t neglect the rest.

    1. You hit the nail on the head Faheem. Without balance a trapeze artist will fall all over the place, But of course the artist is in control with a perfect balance.

  3. A balance in all departments of our lives is the best way to live.  Having tons of money without the health to enjoy it is meaningless.  At the same time, being healthy and homeless doesn’t make sense as well.

    Being independent financially and physically is the ideal situation.  Pursing our dreams should never end with retirement.  There is always more to learn, see, and do.  Adding value to the lives of others has no time limit.

    When we are focused on helping others, our lives are automaically taken care of.  When we don’t chase money it shows up.  Life is too short to settle for less than pursuing our dreams and bringing value to others.  

    Thanks for your insights and thoughts on this most important subject.

    1. I totally agree with you a man in a village can add value to his wealth just by focusing on helping others. You hit the nail on the head when you said to focus on helping others and watch your level increase.

      The seasons of life we all must endure and it will all get taken care of when we approach these seasons with humility. I just read an article on autism awareness for kids in Africa who are being killed and among other things for having autism.

      My todo list is to keep that campaign rolling with the proper finances they may need to gain that reach. 

      I love what you said about retirement. There is so much to learn as we live life. When you are able to get up and focus on a task you should always do that task. In fact, the linked AARP article in this post speaks about the older generations looking to get into their interests and passions. 

      Having said all that I will say that imbalance beyond our control is important to keep in mind. Some cases we will find where one cannot control issues of mental health or, physical health. So indeed we need more finances to make sure these people are OK

      I appreciate that valuable comment

  4. A perfect blend of reality and thought action are the constituents of this write up. On a more serious note, maintaining a balance between physical well being and giving priority to my health demands is one thing that everyone should be acquainted with. If one is prioritized, then the other would surely suffer. But then, adequate attention should be paid more to the health demands because thats our core value to attain physical excellence. Very nice post

    1. Being mindful of how we fuel our bodies is vital to the success of your well being. We don’t realize how much we are affected in our work life by not maintaining a healthy approach to our routines. Truth be told Ro our work life can affect our health as well. 

      What better reason do you need to start an online business than leaving the stress-filled work week?

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